“Passionate hearts committed to a shared vision can achieve the impossible.”

MS Global Technology Solutions was founded in 2019 in Cerritos, California as an affiliate of MS Global Steel, Inc. who has been supplying comprehensive solutions for steel & heavy industries since 2001. MS Global Technology Solutions strives to utilize its trading expertise in the global market to become a leader in the security and safety technologies industry.

While initially launched its business by offering security surveillance equipment such as Video Monitoring and Access control systems, MS Global Technology Solutions recognized the public’s interest and demand for immediate safety solutions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, MS Global Technology Solutions meticulously developed a supply chain to offer the following products:

  1. Fever Detection Systems
  2. Quarantine Housing Facility
  3. Personal Protection Equipment
  4. Video Monitoring and Safety Control System Integration

MS Global Technology Solutions has the full capacity to provide comprehensive solutions that strategically accommodate every need under the unprecedented pandemic environment. Even beyond the current crisis, MS Global Technology Solutions makes it a priority to go the extra mile and provide short-term and long-term solutions for the public’s urgent safety and security needs.