Housing facility designed to be stationed for immediate use by first responders, patients, or potential patients in need of isolation during the COVID-19 crisis. Equipped with a bathroom, bedding, and other furniture, the Quarantel can be repurposed post-quarantine as housing for homeless communities, emergency retreat unit, or even general low cost housing.

Product Characteristics

  • Exterior dimension: Width 7’-3 1/2” / Height 8’-10” / Length 18’-1/2”
  • Equipped with quality furniture and interior products
  • Main structure includes insulated panels and flame retardant insulation core
  • R 24 insulation system and high quality sound Insulation
  • Fire-resistant aluminum composite exterior panel and interior panel
  • Prefabricated area including toilet, sink, shower, and hot water boiler
  • Equipped with on-site plumbing, electricity connections to simply plug and go

Transportation Logistics

  • The Quarantel 2020 is a self-supported housing unit available for immediate deployment by crane or forklift
  • The product is equipped with its own steel base frame and does not require supplemental foundation

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